Thursday, March 20

How to Transition from Hibernation to Rejuvenation

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
If I were to print out an itinerary for my weekends these last few months, they would look a lot like this:

Chinese food in a brown box with chopsticks sticking out.
Stretch out on the couch. Watch bad reality TV. Order pizza.

Stretch out on the couch. Pretend to read a book for 2-3 pages, then watch movies. Order Chinese.

Call my mother, tell her I’ve been so busy my butt hasn’t touched the couch in a week. Wipe crumbs off couch cushions. Order pad thai.

Basically, when the cold hits, I hibernate so hard I could teach a bear how to do it. I’m sure you can relate. Long sweaters, warm fuzzy blankets, and hot greasy food are impossible to resist when snow and frigid air make everything outside the house an obstacle course.

However, a few glimpses of sunshine over the past couple of weeks have inspired me to get moving again and prepare for a change of pace! It’s time to kick the delivery diet to the curb and take on fresh, clean eating with a healthy dose of fitness!

(You know, for a few days at least.)

Get Those Juices Flowin’......

Pink goji berry smoothie with raw berries on top.If you have been to a juice bar or done a juice cleanse, you know that there are some pretty obscure blends of ingredients. Fruits and veggies you didn’t even know existed are thrown together to make a crazy exotic combination. Like Goji berries. What is a Goji berry? It’s fun to say. If you’re like me, the kind of person who loves vegetables but never seems to be able to make your daily quota, drinking your intake is an easy solution.

To be honest, carrots and beets and celery are not exactly my favourite juice flavours, but that’s why adding in sweeter elements like bananas and pineapple can give it a good boost. A pinch of cayenne pepper and ginger is also a great little ‘zing’ for your tastebuds and your metabolism!

Superfood Smoothies

Glass of green smoothie with fruits in the background.Superfoods give you super powers. Well, not really, but with all the extra energy it sometimes feels like it! Kale, cinnamon, blueberries, milk thistle….these are all awesome additions to smoothies you can make at home or grab from a local health food store or smoothie shop. Plus, you can customize them according to your sweet tooth, by adding chocolate soy or almond milk, agave syrup, and of course fruits like strawberries and raspberries. Mmmm. There’s nothing like a delicious smoothie after a good workout!

Speaking of which, it turns out couch lounging is not a viable exercise regimen. Ugh. Luckily the onset of Daylight Saving Time has suddenly prompted a few early evening jogs. The setting sun is a beautiful backdrop while huffing and puffing through nature’s finest, and a good run lets you discover all kinds of new trails.

Follow Your Life’s (Bike) Path

Silhouette of cyclist and the character E.T. against the moon.I’m also starting to see a lot of bikes being unveiled, slowly but surely. Cycling is a great stress reliever and definitely a hardcore workout for those legs. My very first bicycle was given to me my grandfather; it was bright crimson red with a basket and an E.T. theme, since the movie had just come out. I was so excited to ride it and once I took it for a spin around the block I knew I was in love! With biking I mean, not aliens.

All this talk of healthy living has got me wound up and excited to get out there! ...But now it’s raining. Of course. Oh well. Time to practice my smoothie making and take the pizza delivery guy off speed dial!