Friday, June 27

Cottage Life Hack: How to Remove White Heat Stains from Wooden Tables

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
Have you got a favourite wooden table that's got a cool scar, uh, I mean, unpleasant white stain from heat or steam?   Maybe it was a misplaced pot, or just a regular old cup o' coffee.  Doesn't matter, we've got a super simple solution courtesy of my ever-resourceful Grandmother.

white mark on wooden table due to something hot
Unsightly white mark on a wooden table

By now we’re all familiar with the “life hack” phenomenon, right? For anyone late to the party it’s a trick or shortcut that is used to perform a routine task more efficiently. Some of them are genuinely helpful and make you think, “Oh wow, how did I never think of that!?” –You know, like how to remove white stains on wooden surfaces due to heat and steam.

Then there are others that make you wonder how a group of esteemed scientists needed four months to figure out the proper way to hold a hamburger.

(Spoiler alert: you move your pinky fingers two inches over to keep the bottom bun in place. Eureka!)

So today, in light of our recent cottage makeover renovations, we present to you a home-style cottage life hack that wasn’t researched by scientists but will change your life nonetheless. Ready for this?

Use toothpaste to remove white marks from your wooden table (thanks for the pro-tip grandma)! Really, it works. Watch this video for a quick demo:

Make sure you don’t scrub the toothpaste too hard, to avoid ruining the finish. The same probably goes for brushing your teeth.