Friday, January 31

Feeling Frozen? Get Inspired - The Ontario Winter Games is Coming!

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)

3 kids nordic skiing in line from youngest to oldest through the sunny woods.Well, based on my snowy misadventures last week when I nearly slipped on a piece of ice like it was a cartoon banana peel, it’s safe to say that the polar vortex is still . . . vortexing? Polar-izing? You know what I mean . . . it’s cold! Winter is officially here to stay for a while. And that’s good news for us Muskoka folks - if you haven’t heard by now, we’re hosting the 2014 Ontario Winter Games! How exciting is that!? Four days of competitions, over 3,000 athletes, and at this point I’m guessing a lot of snow. Ah, the beauty of Muskoka in the wintertime!

(Is it just me or is -8 actually starting to feel like patio weather?)

I remember obsessing over Olympic figure skating as a kid, fascinated by every single move Oksana Baiul made. I’d drag my little sister out onto any slippery surface and declared it our homemade ice rink where we would practice our double axels and triple salchows for hours. We were . . . not very good.
Young girl ice skating, fallen on ice but smiling wide.
But we had SO much fun!

While reminiscing today, stuck inside, looking into the cold, it got me wondering . . . do people still stay active even during this blustery cold winter weather? Or is that just in the movies?  Well, with the Winter Games creeping on us (not to mention the Sochi Olympics in Russia!), we'll soon be reminded "what" of winter has been championed and embraced, and am hoping that the winter’s magnificence and beauty can likewise inspire us to get active rather than keep us slumped and sluggish at home.

Perhaps a few homemade ‘winter games’ of your own is just what you need to survive this frigid cold season! Whether you’re building snowmen with the kids, taking a stroll with nordic skiis, or sailing down the toboggan hill, make sure you get out there and stay active!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a few double axels to rehearse.