Thursday, February 6

Winter Warm Up: The Art of Drinking and Staying In

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
If there’s anything as essential as staying active during the winter months, it’s definitely staying warm. It’s a sentiment I sometimes forget, like that one night I stayed at a friend’s house in the city and decided I absolutely needed a buffalo chicken taquito from 7-11 at 10:00 pm. I thought a quick jaunt down the street would be fine in a pair of sneakers without socks, no scarf, and my winter coat unzipped. As I stepped outside and instantly felt a wind chill so biting it nearly knocked me off my sock-less feet, two thoughts entered my mind: “Snowpocalypse is upon us!” and “...I’m an idiot”.

But enough about my wardrobe blunders. The important lesson I learned is to dress appropriately for the weather - and appreciate the warmth of my home! Is there anything better than wrapping up a day of vigorous outdoor activity with some well deserved down time and a hot cuppa?

After the skating and tobogganing, it’s always nice to head back and get comfy with some fun board games and a hot drink. Speaking of which, here are a few of our favourite winter warm-ups:

Hot Spiced Apple Cider, the Easiest, Breeziest Bevvie

hot apple cider in a clear mug with a cinnamon stick sticking out of the cup and star anise sprinkled in front of the cup.When you’re sitting by the window watching snowflakes the size of dinner plates fall from the sky, a mug of hot spiced apple cider really hits the spot. Bonus points come easy when it’s super simple to make - apple juice, cinnamon, cloves, voila! Plus, this sweet and spicy drink fills the entire house with the most amazing aroma!

Chocolate Cranberry Stout - Stay Warm by Grabbing a Cold One

Bottle of dark stout with a beer chalice beside it showing off the thick beer foam on top.Whether you’re heading out to a local pub or having people over to your house, good brew with good friends is always a great way to warm up!  If you’re a fan of stout, our very own Muskoka Brewery has released a cellar-aged vintage (get ready for this) double chocolate cranberry stout! Perhaps a nice treat to enjoy with friends before bundling up and going off to watch the Ontario Winter Games?

Hot Chocolate, an Old-School Favourite

Hot chocolate in a white cup with topped with tons of marshmallows making the hot chocolate spill on the sides.Here’s one for the #Throwback Thursday fans…hot chocolate with marshmallows! Classic! I remember spending winters at the cottage and lounging next to our roaring fireplace, curled up with hot cocoa and a good book. Ahh, bliss! Pro tip: make a “snowball” by piling on the mallows until they’re all you can see. :)

Well, it’s time to break out the Scrabble and your World’s Best Dad mugs! Make sure you bundle up going out, and cozy up once you’re in!

(And maybe skip the late night taquitos….)