Friday, February 28

Making the Most out of March Break Madness

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)

sad violinist playing at Sochi Games
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Welp. On the heels of Canada’s glorious Olympic victory, I find myself stuck in a post-Sochi slump. Anyone else feeling it?? With no big hockey games to anticipate and wake up at ungodly hours for, my life feels so dull. So empty. So bronze medal. You know? So I was thinking about how to defeat my winter blues when I suddenly remembered - duh! March Break is coming up! How could I forget? That sacred time of year when kids rejoice for their freedom and parents freak out about what they’re going to do to entertain them for a whole week. For some, whisking away to tropical islands with friends is the annual go-to option. “Spring Breakers”, anyone? Some much needed R&R under the hot sun can be just what you need to refresh. But then again, there’s the exorbitant cost of travel, accommodations, food...trying to squeeze into last year’s swimsuit (Selena Gomez makes it look easy). So if you find yourself cooped up at home with the family for March Break, why not make the most of it?

Hit The Slopes

family of four getting ready to ski downhillDuring one March Break as a kid I remember lamenting to my parents about not knowing how to ski. The next thing I knew the whole family was piled into the back of our mini van headed to the ski hill. We spent the entire day taking lessons and having a blast trying not to fall on our butts. Getting out and being active is a great way to create some quality vacation time. Plus you can head back to school with bragging rights about your new snow sport skills!

Quality Time, Quality Dine

three young girls baking mixing cake batterThe best part about March Break is indulging in delicious food. Or as I like to call it, the “chocolate and Cheetos diet”. You get to enjoy all of your favourite meals now that you have some time off, so how about getting the kids to invite their best buds over and bring their favourite dish? Hosting a little potluck dinner party can definitely spice up your March Break activities. You can even give everyone a specific task like decorating the kitchen, setting the table, playing DJ, and most importantly licking the bowl after baking.

 Is there anything better than bonding while breaking bread? Mmm . . . bread . . .

Whichever way you spend your March Break, I hope it’s with people you can laugh and connect with! Even if it means falling on your butt while snowboarding.