Friday, February 21

Winter Time and The Livin’ is Not So Easy

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
This morning a very strange thing happened. As I stepped outside, all bundled up in my winter coat and scarf, my eyes were immediately assaulted by brightness; some kind of yellow orb was shining rays of light and warmth down on me!

Then I remembered: oh, the sun. It still exists!

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days…

red wooden lounge chair perched on the edge of a lake dock on a sunny summer dayThe cold and grey days have gone on for so long now that sunshine is almost unrecognizable. But when it’s here it’s glorious, and it reminds me of those lovely, lazy afternoons in July when I get to sip homemade ice capps while lying in my hammock. Or sit at the edge of the dock on a hot day and dip my toes in the water. Or walk along the beach in the early evening, collecting rocks and skipping them across the lake with one hand and holding a triple scoop chocolate ice cream cone in the other. Mmm. Wait, what was I saying?

A Drive (In) Down Memory Lane…

One of my fondest memories from summers is going to the drive-in on Saturday nights. Does it get any better than sitting in your car with a big bag of popcorn watching Star Wars? Or sitting in your car with your biggest crush, and a big bag of popcorn, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!?  That was back when the drive-in theatre was the place to be, a hot hangout for friends on the weekend and of course the perfect first date.

drive-in movie screen with moonlight shining upon the theaterSadly, most of the drive-ins I know of have closed down, but I always told myself I would have my very own drive-in someday, or some version of it!  (Hey, a gal can dream.)  There's nothing like outdoor shows in the summers.  IMAX and 3D are super cool but every now and then I miss the days when a cheap double feature on a balmy night was the go-to option for entertainment. Windows down, a warm breeze, Harrison Ford being his dreamy self on the giant silver screen...wait, what was I saying?

That’s what I will be daydreaming about as I shovel my car out of heaps of snow. And when those tiny slivers of sunlight peek through the clouds, I’ll keep telling myself that summer is on its way any moment now. (Who am I kidding?)

brown groundhog looking the right, surprised by its shadow (appearing on the left)
Okay, I can’t be the only one feeling wistful. Who else is doing a countdown to the first days of summer? Can we get a second opinion on that whole groundhog vs shadow thing? If the sun stays out for two solid minutes, does that sort of count as tanning? ARGH….!