Thursday, April 3

3 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Cottage Style

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
Well, well, well. Look who we have here. It’s April. Lovely of you to show up, old friend. You’re looking good. What’s your secret? Pilates? The gluten-free thing? Whatever you’re doing, it’s totally working for you.

pastel blocks that spell "spring."
While Spring technically starts on March 20th, April always feels “official”. A new season, a new opportunity for gorgeous sunny days to make you regret signing up for Netflix. Whether you’re at the cottage all year round or getting ready for a seasonal return to bliss, everyone wants their humble abode to be an amazing space to chill out.

A House Is a Home...And So is the Cottage

The cottage is a second home so make your decor “homey”. That’s the charm of cottage life, isn’t it? The style is meant to be simple and rustic, warm and friendly. Your cottage needs to feel delightfully inviting from the moment you walk in, anything else is a criminal offence and you will be arrested.

If you have an ancient couch that looks like it’s been filched from the set of Roseanne, it might be time for an upgrade. It’s amazing what a few easy touch ups here and there can do to freshen things up, and Spring is definitely the time to do it!

In Living Colour

Through my own home d├ęcor experiences I learned that brown and beige are not the only colours in the colour scheme. It’s true, Google it. Adding warm or bold tones to the room can really make a difference, and not an expensive one either. An area rug here, some throw pillows there. Also, accents! If you speak in a British accent your cottage will be much more alluring. Or you could just use accenting colours for little things like candles and accessories.

Flower Power

Tulips! Orchids! Hydrangeas! A bouquet of flowers goes a long way in bringing life to a room. The hypnotic aroma doesn’t hurt either.

Little Bursts of ‘You’

The cottage represents you and your values, so express that as much as possible. Handcrafted pieces, kiddie art, collectibles, stylishly framed photos and wall decals with witty or sentimental phrases...get creative!

Let Spring bring it on!  Boost your home with some new swag.