Friday, April 25

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…For Vegetables

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
Breaking News: Häagen-Dazs Japan has just announced plans to launch vegetable-based ice cream.

Trendy Ice Cream 

haagen dazs cherry tomato ice cream tub
Ice cream! With vegetables! Specifically, “tomato-cherry” and “carrot-orange”. Out of all the crazy ice cream flavours out there, news of this one stopped me dead in my (moose) tracks. Is this a sign of the apocalypse? It’s in Japan now, but you know it’s only a matter of time before the stuff makes its way over here. After all, we are notorious for bacon wrapped everything and weird fusion foods like “cronuts”. Did you know that in the UK there is actually a glow-in-the-dark ice cream made with jellyfish protein to make it luminous? Okay that’s kind of cool.

Old-School Ice Cream 

neapolitan ice cream served in a bowl with a strawberry
Whatever happened to double scoops of chocolate!? Remember when ordering “Neapolitan” was a way of showing other kids that you live on the edge? Ice cream has changed a lot over the years flavour-wise, but the one thing that stays the same is how it practically screams ‘summertime!’ (You might say it... “ice-screams” it.) (Sorry.)

Ice Cream is Ice Cream

It’s not summer yet - and I can’t wait to stop saying that - but as a dedicated sugar junkie and ice cream enthusiast (duh) I can’t help but eagerly anticipate ice cream weather.  Growing up visiting Muskoka, hot sunny days were always spent boating on the lake followed by some ice cream.  My brothers and I would each get a single scoop cone and then wait around to see who got to take over my youngest brother's left-over ice cream. He'd always get too messy and sticky that he would just give up . . . and guess what?  One of us would end up with it!

These days I’m so antsy for summer that even vegetable ice cream sounds good. Pass me a spoon and some of that fashionable tomato-cherry, will ya? Brain freeze here I come.