Thursday, December 19

Add Extra Laughs to Your Holiday with an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Location: Trenanthia Cottage located in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada (90 min north of Toronto)
friends joining arms at an ugly christmas sweater party
In parts there yonder and around (huh?), the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme has already broken ground and made its way into popularity.  We went to our first one last year and absolutely regret not having participated, so this year we vowed to host our very own.

Wherever you spend your holiday party, we hope this activity makes it into your traditional rotation of Holiday time highlights...

How to Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

If you haven’t had the whimsical honour of donning your Great Aunt Em’s storage treasure, well now’s the time! Yes they are bold, bright, sometimes beady, often hideous and always overly Christmassy.  But don’t fret: you’ll be doing it with everyone else! Talk about solidarity.  So here’s what you do . . .

  1. Announce to everyone coming (and we mean everyone) that the get-together is an Ugly Christmas Sweater party

  2. Dig through your storage, your parent's storage or your local thrift store.  Here's hoping that you'll find an old Christmas sweater:  ~HOPE~

  3. If there's simply no hope in finding one, then get your creative juices flowing and make one! Buy an old sweater, fabric glue, felt, cotton, beads, bows and get inspired. Think snowman, reindeer, Santa, Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, presents…

  4. Most importantly, take solo photos, take group photos, take tons of photos.  (And send them on to us, we'd love to see them)

  5. Optionally, you can make up a few awards under different categories (i.e. Most Creative, Most Picasso-esque, Most Ugliest - is that even english?, etc) and announce the winners.  You can even vote by secret ballot and find your winners that way.  Don’t be afraid to instruct all participants to do a mock runway show if they are announced as the winner :)

  6. Did we mention take tons of photos...?

And send us a snap